Jude’s review of Plug in SEO

1 Nov  

Jude at Fancy Dress Party Ideas got in touch as she was really happy with Plug in SEO and wanted to send through a review. Here it is…


Tales of Search Engine Optimisation

29 Jan  


A collection of famous fairytales with modern instances.

More than twelve illustrations, including seven coloured plates.



Doubling traffic, just a week after starting with Plug in SEO

29 Nov  

“On my own I was getting 15 – 20 hits a day. Now some days I am doubling my traffic.”

It’s always good to hear a success story, large or small, so we were delighted to hear this from Jessica at Deep Relief Massage Therapy in Massachusetts, just a week of following Plug in SEO’s advice.

There is no magic bullet when it comes to driving more traffic – well, actually that’s not true: you can spend a lot of money on advertising and you’ll see traffic quickly.  But if you’re running a small, local business like Jessica’s, you want to see results without spending a lot of money.  If you spend a few minutes every day on writing content and building links, you’ll make a difference.  And as Jessica says, “I know some things may take a couple of weeks to take effect.”  Be patient and stick at it, and use Plug in SEO‘s advice to concentrate your efforts on what’s going to be most effective.


The art of keywords

18 Oct  

Google's local search results help small businesses with a physical location

If you’re operating a small website, it’s a real challenge to compete on search with your big company competitors. Perhaps the most common mistake we see is websites trying to target a really broad search phrase (like cars or flowers). The broader a word or phrase, the more competitive it’s likely to be, and a site with a few hundred or thousand visitors every month is never going to get into Google’s front page for a highly sought-after keyword.  So you need to pick keywords and phrases carefully for success.

Plug in SEO will automatically suggest keyword terms for you to focus on, based on various factors including the search volume, but it needs to be “seeded” with some terms to get started with – think of this as pointing us in the right direction.  The better your initial search terms, the better Plug in SEO’s recommendations will be, at least to start with.

Get narrow

Don’t worry too much about all the people you’re missing out on who are searching on those broad, competitive terms. Reports vary, but somewhere between 68% and 90% of users

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Survey results: Plug in SEO really does give valuable advice

7 Oct  

Our recent survey has just closed – thanks so much to all of you who took the time to complete it and give us your feedback.

We’ll be picking the winner of the Amazon vouchers out of a virtual hat very soon, and crunching all the numbers, but I couldn’t resist sharing a couple of really exciting outcomes with you all straight away.

87% said yes, you would recommend Plug in SEO